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“Quest” & “Living with Parkinson’s” Exhibitions

Cathy Dutertre

Artist Comments
“Quest” is a series of ethereal self-portraits that probe the fragmented and shadowy space of dreams, repressed or time-altered memories and my personal history, in search of an elusive sense of self, purpose and place in this world.
These reflective and expressive images based on the experienced emotions of the past, present and future create visual form to an intimate journey of self discovery, one that navigates the fluid borders of the known and the unknown, the conscious and the unconscious, the real and the possible.
As a photographic journal of an individual’s struggle to define and understand their terms of existence, “Quest” is both a personal and universal narrative.

Pierre Dutertre

Artist Comments
“Living with Parkinson’s” is an ongoing cathartic project of reflective personal reconciliation with a condition that was in denial for many years. A series of self-portraits seeks to expose what is not seen by others; the physical and emotional limitations of the disease as well as the side effects of the condition and treatment.
The images are created with a duality of acceptance, a candid reveal of shameful limitations, and apparitions, as the transposition of hallucinations experienced on a daily basis, the characteristics of a condition that affects many but usually in a solitary situation and hidden process.
“Living with Parkinson’s”reveals and discloses the disease and addresses the implacable universal cycle of life faced by everyone, in a whimsical manner as reality and fantasy merge into a world of hallucinations.
About Artists
Pierre and Cathy have been making photographs together, as a husband and wife duo, the artistic ventures that reflect their varied individual and complex pasts. They project their unique psyches with expressive and reflective imagery of the world and their presence within it, seeking answers to metaphysical questions through a symbiotic creative collaboration.
Their images reflect a constant quest for spiritual, existential and philosophical pondering, a somber search at times for the essence of life and the world around them.


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